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041 – Best Content Marketing Tips For Non-Profits With Abby Wood

041 – Best content marketing tips for non-profits with Abby Wood

In this episode, I’m happy to interview Abby Wood! Abby is a content strategist that’s been helping companies connect with their audiences online for the last 10 years, founder of The Content Lab, Abby and her team have worked with over 300 organizations on their website content needs providing everything from website text to monthly blogs and email marketing.

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040 – Increasing Donations With A Coherent Brand With Eric Ressler

040 – Increasing donations with a coherent brand with Eric Ressler

In this episode, we’re happy to have Eric Ressler as a guest! He’s the founder and creative director at Cosmic, which is a social impact creative agency. He’s an expert in branding and has vast experience in the non-profit world. We’ll be talking about the mindset non-profits need when thinking about branding and other aspects of their digital presence, and how beneficial this can be for them.

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039 – All About Ctas

039 – All About CTAs

If you’re running a non-profit, you know that every donation and volunteer hour makes a difference. And one of the best ways to encourage donations and volunteers is by using Calls to Action (CTAs) on your website, blog, and social media. But what are CTAs, and why are they so important? And that’s what I’m going to be talking about in this podcast episode.

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038 – The Value Of Podcasting For Non-Profits With Travis Johnson

038 – The value of podcasting for non-profits with Travis Johnson

In this episode, we welcome Travis Johnson as a guest! He’s the podcast host for the Nonprofit Architect podcast and he has extensive experience as a board member for foundations and has helped raise over $500.000 and provided seed money for six startup non-profits. He’s an awesome guy and we’re happy to have him discuss how he got into the non-profit world, how he started podcasting, and the value that podcasting can bring to non-profits.

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036 – How To Get Your Non-Profit Selling Online Using Shopify With Patrick Mccarthy

036 – How To Get Your Non-Profit Selling Online Using Shopify with Patrick McCarthy

Want to get your non-profit up and running online? Do you also want to be able to set up a store for people to support your mission? Then Shopify might just be what you’re looking for!
In this week’s episode, we’ll be speaking with Patrick McCarthy, CEO and owner of digifly, an ecommerce agency that focuses on Shopify. We’ll talk all about Shopify and how non-profits can leverage this platform to support their mission!

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035 – 9 Biggest Digital Marketing Mistakes Nonprofits Need To Avoid

035 – 9 Biggest Digital Marketing Mistakes Nonprofits Need To Avoid

Digital marketing is a great way to bring new people to your nonprofit organization. Digital marketing can include things like social media marketing, search engine optimization, and content marketing. But there are also some digital marketing mistakes that nonprofits should avoid. If you’re a nonprofit looking to build your online presence, check out this list of digital marketing mistakes that nonprofits should avoid.

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034 – Ways To Approach Non-Profit Marketing With David Somerfleck

034 – Ways to approach non-profit marketing with David Somerfleck

In this episode, we have another David as a guest! David Somerfleck is a digital marketing specialist providing digital marketing solutions with over 20 years of experience working for market agencies across North America and 10 years of experience as a certified small business mentor. We’re more than happy to have his insights and thoughts regarding how non-profit’s handle their digital marketing.

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