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049 – Get Ready For Giving Tuesday, With Kelly Garcia

049 – Get ready for Giving Tuesday, with Kelly Garcia

In today’s episode, we’re happy to have Kelly Garcia! She is the program manager & marketing director for NPO Centric, a national non-profit incubator. She helps non-profits get off the ground, go, and then grow through education and tools that facilitate capacity building and self-development. We brought her on the show to talk about this upcoming Giving Tuesday, how to prepare for it, create an amazing campaign and use it as your end-of-year giving program

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048 – Challenging The Mindset Of Non-Profit Marketing, With Jane Pfeiffer

048 – Challenging the mindset of non-profit marketing, with Jane Pfeiffer

In today’s episode, we’re happy to have Jane Pfeiffer! She’s the founder & president of Fieldtrip, a non-profit marketing agency. Jane guides the Fieldtrip team to develop sound, strategic work imbued with curiosity and significance. We brought her on the show to thoroughly discuss the mindset non-profits have when strategizing their marketing efforts.

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047 – Modernizing Non-Profit Digital Marketing Tools, With Bryna Dilman

047 – Modernizing non-profit digital marketing tools, with Bryna Dilman

In today’s episode, we’re glad to have Bryna Dilman on the show! She’s the Director of Growth at Fundraising KIT. As an expert in data and analytics with an extensive background in the non-profit sector, Bryna bridges the gap between Fundraising KIT’s offerings, and the unique technology needs of non-profit organizations, ensuring seamless user experience and maximum ROI.

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045 – Best Non-Profit Social Media Practices With Ally Dodoo

045 – Best Non-profit Social Media Practices with Ally Dodoo

In this episode, we’re happy to have Ally Dodoo joining us! She’s a Fundraising Campaign Manager with over 6 years of experience helping more than 30 organizations create a strategic plan for sustainability by leveraging their online presence. She coins herself a social change influencer.

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044 – Storytelling Will Boost Your Campaign Fundraising, With Jenni Hargrove

044 – Storytelling will boost your campaign fundraising, with Jenni Hargrove

In this episode, we’re happy to have Jenni Hargrove! Jenni is a consultant helping non-profit leaders with their marketing and development strategy. She also hosts the Nonprofit Jenni Show, a podcast discussing marketing, management, and fundraising strategies in the nonprofit sector. We brought her on the show to discuss how non-profits can leverage their mission and impact stories in their fundraising strategy to make a better connection with potential donors.

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042 – Guerilla Marketing Tactics For Non-Profits With Devin Miller

042 – Guerilla Marketing Tactics for Non-Profits with Devin Miller

In this episode, we’re happy to have Devin Miller! Devin loves startups, he runs his own patent and trademark law firm to help startups and small businesses. He has also worked with a number of non-profits over the past few years, so needless to say, Devin knows a thing or two about marketing and protecting and organization’s brand.

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