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Importance of Network Security


Every second, a massive amount of data is transferred between computers and other devices. These devices are connected through a variety of networks and transfer personal, and contains discrete and sensitive data. So, those who maintain computer networks should assure the security of their networks.

Network security in a nutshell

In simplest terms, network security is a combination of steps that prevent unauthorized. Once a network is secured, the users and the devices connected can work without experiencing data breaches. In a well secured network, however, some restrictions may be implemented.

To implement network security, network specialists will utilize highly complicated strategies with the assistance of hardware and software. In general, every organization should have a dedicated person, people, or company (depending on the scale) to handle their network security.

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What makes network security so important?

Here’s why both businesses and households should consider the security of their networks seriously:

  • To protect the computers in the network
    Computers and other devices connected to unsecured networks are highly vulnerable to external threats such as malware, ransomware and spyware attacks. A single attack can bring down the entire computer system of an organization and compromise your personal information. By assuring the security of the network – typically with the assistance of a network security specialist – you can stay away from such expensive threats.
  • To prevent identity theft
    No matter whether you are an organization or an individual, your identity is valuable. If you log into an unsecured network, your identity can become visible to third-parties. To avoid such a situation, you should secure your network. Such an approach becomes mandatory if you are a business that deals with client information.
  • To protect shared data
    When it comes to a business, special precautions should be taken to protect shared data. And, network security is one of the best ways to do so. Network security can be applied with different restrictions on different computers depending on the types of files they handle.
  • To stabilize the network connection
    In an unrestricted, unprotected network, network activity can become too heavy. Intense traffic can lead to an unstable computer network. Eventually, the entire network will become vulnerable to various external attacks.


How to assure network security?

In order to assure network security, you should do the following at the least:

  • Change the router password
    Don’t leave the default service identifiers once the network is set up. Hackers can easily track these credentials. So, change your password at your earliest.
  • Activate encryption
    One of the most important things you should do is to activate a strong encryption on your router. For Wi-Fi connections, you can activate WPA2 encryption, that’s the best.
  • Enable advanced authentication methods
    A more advanced method for securing your network is to enable MAC address filtering. Every network card (wired and Wi-Fi) has a unique MAC address. This setting in your router will allow you to allow only specific MAC addresses to connect to your network.

To expect a well-secured, solid network, you should change the default network names and passwords, strengthen firewalls, turn off guest networks and update the router firmware.

Additional means to make sure that your network is as secure as it should be

Basically, there are 2 basic attacks (or rather their types) that can harm or at least try to affect the security of the network passive & active. Both of them can be either external or internal, depending on where they are coming from. In order to increase the security level, you might consider using the following means that might noticeably affect your security level:


  • Proxy servers
  • Threats detection and prevention systems
  • Protective tools for targeted attacks
  • Firewalls network
  • Monitoring systems
  • VPN

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