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17 Top Non-profit Websites to Inspire Your Organization

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Non-profit organizations are legal entities whose job doesn’t require profit. Such non-profit organization examples can be found all across the globe as they do all kinds of amazing work in communities, volunteer jobs, and even other activities to help people, kids, animals, nature, and more.

If you have an idea that you want to bring to life, you’ll need a good website where you can provide all the necessary information about your organization, gain supporters and email subscribers, and ultimately get donations.

There are many non-profit organization websites that can be used as a great example, so you can improve your non-profit website design or design one from scratch.

Let’s check the 17 best non-profit websites to get inspired by, which can help you launch your organization to the next level.

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Top Non-profit Websites

The best websites that we’ve made the list with are all well-designed and present the main idea of the organization. The text is well-written, and the content is up-to-date. Check these website ideas to get inspired for your future work.

1. PALS Autism Society

PALS Autism Society is a special education non-profit organization in British Columbia focused on working with kids and adolescents with autism. The website is clean and engaging. It has all the necessary buttons that are noticeable due to its bright colors and clear CTAs. As soon as you enter the website, you see the organization’s goal, RTB, and success stories, which are essential blocks for any non-profit organization.

Pals Autism Society Website

2. Invisible Children

Invisible Children’s website has plenty of information about the organization that works across Central Africa to end violent conflict. They list all the important sections one by one, so each visitor can get all the necessary information without spending a lot of time searching for it.

Invisible Children Website

3. National Wildlife Federation

National Wildlife Federation is aimed at protecting America’s national resources and wildlife. They use high-quality photos to make you fall in love with nature and attract attention to their big idea. You can also find information about the animals they protect, as the website navigation is easy to understand and well-structured.

National Wildlife Federation Website

4. Illinois Digital Educators Alliance

Illinois Digital Educators Alliance is all about learning. The website is simple yet worth us bringing attention to it. Notice how they highlight different information with different colors, leaving the navigation black and white. It is simple, yet informative, and intuitive to use.

Illinois Digital Educators Alliance Website

5. Thorn

Thorn is battling the world-spread issue of child trafficking and sexual exploitation. To work with a topic of this kind takes lots of strength, and this should be described thoroughly across the website. That’s why the website is minimalistic yet packed with convincing content like reports, their goal, their impact, education on the topic, and more. The design here is quite dynamic, which supports the content delicately.

Thorn Website

6. Memphis Zoo

Memphis Zoo is all about helping animals, researching them, and saving endangered species. The website is packed with different content that can help the organization. The most visible sections are Membership, Tickets, and Donation, as these are the main goals of the website. They also promote exhibits and events, as well as have live cameras where people can see the animals at the zoo.

Memphis Zoo Website

7. Veterans Legal Institute

Veterans Legal Institute helps current and former US military service members who are homeless, disabled, or have low income with housing, healthcare, legal assistance, education, etc. Even though the organization covers so many things, it still keeps a simple design with excellent navigation where users can find all the necessary information.

Veterans Legal Institute Website

8. Georgia Arborist Association

Georgia Arborist Association promotes proper arboriculture in Georgia state. It gathers tree care professionals and those who want to help, on the one website. There is a lot of structured information that is presented in nature-associated colors, green especially, because of the niche they serve.

Georgia Arborist Association Website

9. Volunteer Alberta

Volunteer Alberta helps volunteers find programs or other organizations that recruit volunteers. It has all the news and information that each volunteer should know to help them make the right choice. Notice the contrast and legibility of the text and how clear their CTAs are.

Volunteer Alberta Website

10. The Friends of the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

The Friends of the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery collects and saves the cultural heritage in Australia. The website is extremely simple and visually a bit outdated, but it is worth checking out. Note how structured the information is. As soon as you visit the website, you get information about this organization, and then you see the upcoming events and latest news.

Tasmanian Museum &Amp; Art Gallery Website

11. World Bicycle Relief

World Bicycle Relief changes lives with bicycles and documents it. As many people face such obstacles as distance and time, a bicycle can provide them with simple transport. The service basically accumulates donations and gives bicycles to those people who are in need. On the website, you can find all the necessary statistics and share heart-warming life stories of those who got the bicycle. They do an amazing job of creating empathy through storytelling.

World Bicycle Relief Website

12. Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code helps girls to be the best possible engineers and developers in the IT world. As the website represents and engages the people who know how to program, it is user-friendly, fast, dynamic, and stresses the most important parts like statistics, upcoming programs, and news.

Girls Who Code Website

13. Mass Mentoring

Mass Mentoring is an organization that helps young people get along with adults, and life in general, with the power and help of mentoring. The website is designed in simple yet vibrant colors that highlight different sections of the website. Also, notice the navigation bar and buttons above it — as soon as you enter the website, you can get answers to the most popular questions about organizations without scrolling down.

Mass Mentoring Website

14. One Table

One Table is one of the best non-profit websites that connect people all across America who want to host or visit a house for a Shabbat dinner. And the website is as easy as the idea sounds. It has vivid pictures of people sharing dinners, a list of cities, and the conditions under which one can be a host or a visitor. It also has taken into account things like COVID-19 restrictions and information for vegans. The website is a great example of a minimalistic approach that serves the idea in a good way.

One Table Website

15. Sepsis Alliance

Sepsis Alliance is an organization dedicated to informing people about sepsis and saving the lives of those who’ve suffered from it. And, as an informative organization, they have a big block with all the information about sepsis, answering the most popular questions. Basically, they’ve created the encyclopedia on sepsis as all information is structured and well-written. This is a huge design win as it is not easy to fit all the information, so it is easily available and structured.

Sepsis Alliance Website

16. Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Oregon & Southwest Washington

Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Oregon & Southwest Washington is an organization dedicated to supporting women who have or had ovarian cancer. Here women can find support, doctors, connections, nurses, pharmacists, etc., which can be helpful during the battle. As there is enough information, the design focuses on the things that people look for the most, like a phone number that you can notice as soon as you open the website. The visual elements are dynamic, and most of them tell the personal story that is behind this organization. This is a powerful tool that connects people and makes the organization more powerful. As we might name it, the visual storytelling, as it is.

Ovarian Cancer Alliance Of Oregon &Amp; Southwest Washington Website

17. International Federation on Ageing

International Federation on Ageing is an experts’ network that strives to shape age-related policy at a global level. The website is very lively and vivid. It focuses on people’s positive emotions, as it is the goal that this non-profit organization aims to achieve. All the colors are well thought-through, and the navigation is instantly noticed to help make it quick to navigate the website.

International Federation On Ageing Website


Each design is unique, and you shouldn’t just copy it (who likes plagiarism?) but rather you should get inspired by the little things that each organization implements. For example, as you’ve noticed, all the websites have well-structured navigation and content. Most websites are minimalistic and use colors to highlight important sections with crucial information. The best websites you’ve seen here follow their mission, and this is what you can see through the visual elements.

The most important thing to remember is that you have to know your audience and understand what they want from your website. Based on the information above, you can also create a superb website design that will land your non-profit website as an example in a future post.

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