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The Guide to Non-profit Marketing in 2022

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Have you completed a strategic plan for your organization for this year? Have you already reconsidered your strategy, following new trends and the current condition of the industry? Have you wondered what to do to adjust your tactics to the new reality, attract more donors, and supporters, and let your organization grow, completing your mission? 

Each year brings new challenges for non-profit organizations and as the world development pace is getting faster and faster so does the digital world. This is a world full of possibilities and opportunities, full of efficient and handy tools that you should take advantage of when developing your organization, working on your projects, and completing your objectives. 

This article is going to help you get an idea of the state of non-profit marketing this 20022 year so that you could get better results with less investment, effort, and time.

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The best marketing channel for non-profits

There are many channels your non-profit could use, and generally, each non-profit marketing plan includes a combination of channels with the best tools that would help an organization reach the goals set for a certain period of time – usually the strategic plan is made for 1 year. 

The most powerful channel to be used for marketing by non-profits turned out to be inbound marketing. Let’s call it a non-profit marketing basic that is a must-have element of each successful NPO strategy. 

  • Inbound marketing helps raise brand awareness
  • Inbound marketing techniques bring better fundraising results
  • Inbound marketing elements help convert potential donors into actual ones, and then into reoccurring donors
  • Inbound marketing attracts more volunteers to the organization 
  • Inbound marketing concentrates on long-term objectives 

Inbound marketing actually promotes your organization through useful content. It is not a simple tool but rather a complex methodology that can help you complete a few objectives at the same time, spending less than you usually do, using directly paid techniques (paid ads). 

Don’t make a step without a plan

We mean a marketing plan, of course. Moreover, a good plan is always based on a strategy. 

A marketing plan for an NPO is actually a precise guide to your marketing activities, supported by strategic goals and defined marketing tools. A plan itself should contain the following elements: 

  • Strategic goals of your organization to be reached through your activities, including marketing ones.
  • Description of your audience/donors. The Donor Journey Map will help you greatly when working with each channel and planning each marketing activity.
  • Crafted brand messages to be reflected in all your content and communication. Those messages should include your main mission to be delivered to your audience and each person who gets to know your organization.
  • General marketing strategy. You can formulate it by answering a few questions. For example, what you need to achieve, where, how, and when. Include your unique approach and proposition too. 
  • Set of marketing channels to be used. Use not only the trending ones, but those that you can reach your audience through. 
  • Key performance Indicators to measure the performance of the marketing activities. You will need them to track your progress and quickly adjust your approach/strategy/activities to new coming data, events, and conditions. 

TOP 5 Marketing Channels for non-profits

Considering all the challenges and changes of this truly complicated year, the most efficient and thus used marketing channels are as follows: 

Social Media 

This year, there are already no excuses not to use the power of social media when you are a socially oriented organization. Make sure your organization has a profile on each social media used by your audience. Create and publish relevant content there. Engage your audience and stay social. 


There is no way you can make a social impact if you do not wrap your ideas, messages, and achievements into various pieces of content. Moreover, you will not be able to use the power of Search Engine Optimization or Social Media Marketing if there’s no content to promote. And those tools tend to be among the best ones for promotions! 


There’s no serious non-profit organization that wouldn’t have its personal website. It is your digital face that you need to both greet the audience, inform them about your activities, accept donations, and promote your organization (paid ads, SEO – you name it!). 


Most people prefer video content. This is why when choosing between video and another type of content, you should choose video each 2 out of 3 times! It is easier to perceive, it is more likely to engage, and it is more emotional and funny. Use the power of it. 


People need communication and the best way to involve them in it is to organize, sponsor, or simply join a relevant event. There are plenty of different events you can consider organizing to reach your goals, depending on your audience and the final result you’d like to see. For example, auctions (both online and offline), games, and competitions are great events to raise some funds or attract serious donors. 

Be flexible when presenting or promoting your non-profit organization in the digital world with digital tools and through digital channels. There’s choice and freedom, and there are no limits. 

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