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001 – Intro – Why non-profit directors should listen to this show

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Welcome to our first episode. In here you’ll find details about David’s background as well as outlining what to expect from the podcast.
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Episode Transcription

Thank you for joining me and welcome to the first episode of the podcast which is going to be an overview of what to expect with upcoming episodes and is also a chance for you to get to know me.

A little bit of a brief about me and my work history.

I’ve worked in non profit web and digital technologies within marketing communications and public affairs departments for nearly 16 years before starting Wow Digital.
I started the agency just about 4.5 years ago, and have been focused on helping non-profits strategize and get the most out of their digital suite of products and services – really, anything from traditional marketing initiatives such as websites, intranets, branding, social media, email campaigns through to interactive kiosks, digital display screens, even games and yes, I can’t forget fundraising! After all, non-profits, healthcare, schools, NGO’s etc. need funds to continue operating.

I love helping organizations provide the best value they can to the communities that they serve. I guess that started when I was a child, learning the value of giving back to the community.

I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to teach college-level courses in web design, programming, the tools of the trade, and yes, even binary.

Going back to 2000, I was hired to create the curriculum and teach web design and development for a corporate training facility. Even further back, in the mid-90’s, I even taught children as young as 4 how to use computers.

So the idea of putting a podcast together really came about over the past few weeks. During the COVID-19 pandemic my wife and I decide that we should switch to grocery pickup instead of in-store shopping. Sometimes there are a number of people ahead of me in the queue, so while waiting, I’ve been listening to a variety of podcasts and I thought to myself, that this would be a great outlet for me to provide insight and knowledge to those of you in the non-profit community about how they too can improve what they do digitally. And, I suppose, this all grew out of that quick thought in the moment.

But in any case, I know this is going to be beneficial for you.

The plan for our episodes, and I’m sure this will evolve over time, is to create new ones every other week. Keeping them somewhat short – likely in the 15-20-minute range, and have guests every so often to talk about what they do, products or services they offer. I suppose those guest-based episodes will be longer format – as I’m sure we’ll need some time to explore and converse.

We’re open to suggestions for episode content, so if there’s anything you’d like to hear about, feel free to connect with us by emailing [email protected]

Any businesses, products, services and such that we discuss will be posted on our website podcast archive, and you’ll be able to provide comments and have an open conversation there as well. We’d love to hear feedback from our listeners.

Speaking of which, we need listeners. Tell your colleagues, friends, and family. Small businesses and other organizations that aren’t non-profits will also find value, but I will be discussing all things digital as they pertain to NPO’s.

So what now? Make sure you follow us on facebook – just head to our website and click on the facebook icon at the top, and while you’re there subscribe to our email list where you’ll get other useful tips and articles.

You really can move the needle and create processes and integrate technology to really differentiate your organization from other similar ones.

This is really what I want the podcast to be all about.

Whether you’re just starting a non-profit, have been around for a century or longer, or anywhere in-between, I know you’ll find value in what we’re going to be talking about.

So, I hope you’ve enjoyed this introduction, and looking forward to having you listen to future episodes.

If you enjoyed this episode, please leave feedback on iTunes or wherever you listen to this podcast. I would love to hear your feedback, and it will also help others find the show.

Be sure to check out the show notes for this episode. Just head over to wowdigital.com click on podcasts and search for this episode number and you’ll find all the links, details and other information discussed in this episode.

Thanks for listening, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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