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Fundraiser ideas for small groups

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Fundraising is a must-have activity for each non-profit that has already become an actual necessary routine for both huge funds and small organizations. It’s only the scale of those activities and approach to them that differs.

Small groups might find it quite difficult to raise money because they usually have less intense programs and run less regular activities. Also, they are rather funded by private supporters as their projects aren’t as large as those, prepared professionally by experienced big organizations and thus supported by big foundations and sponsors.

However, be it a regular budget a small group needs to cover annually or a one-time event that requires one-time funding there’s a way to complete those goals.

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Each big journey starts with a small step. And today we are going to list 5 working easy fundraiser ideas for small groups that you can use to make as many steps as needed to grow and finally change the world!

#1. Sale time

The best and most secure way to raise some money is to sell something. Donors gladly buy useful things, knowing that with their purchase they support good ideas. Be it food or clothing, or anything else your small group can find for selling you will first of all need to pack it and brand it before putting it on sale.

If you ask your supporters to produce or donate something for this sale then prepare suitable branded packaging. Don’t forget to leave a card or a brochure with information about your organization and/or project in each box.

Take care of easy ways for people to learn more about you and get in touch with you (place relevant links to your social media or web platform, for example).

Another option is to find a wholesale producer or provider who will give you something you can sell. Then a good idea would be to collaborate on the packaging to use both their and your branding to promote both sides.

For example, a bake sale could be a great idea for the winter holidays. The scent of freshly baked bread will attract numerous visitors and help create a magical comfortable atmosphere. Just make sure your stand is in a good location with good traffic to be noticed by as many potential donors as possible!

#2. Obstacle course

Challenges rule the world. Also organizing an obstacle course is a great way to attract a young active audience – just what small groups usually need when thinking about a fundraising activity for their needs. People can participate individually or in groups. It is an engaging family activity as well. Now all those options could be different events!

You will just need to decide what type of audience you need for your very project:

  • If you are working on a children-oriented project then it would be great to set up a one-day camp for children where they would actively participate in an obstacle course while their parents would relax in the cozy open-air area, donating to your organization and supporting their children’s participation.
  • Now if you are working on a project to help people rehabilitate after injuries then you would rather organize an obstacle course event for active young people to draw more attention to the importance of a healthy active lifestyle. They can pay an entrance ticket to participate and donate this way.

It’s the target audience that is the most important factor to consider when choosing a style of an obstacle course.

Now when it comes to the organization you might want to ask your supporters to help you set up a course in a public place or collaborate with a professional sports center that could provide its equipment or space to sponsor your activity and promote themselves at the same time.

#3. Recycling tour

This activity is very popular among almost all small non-profits, especially those oriented at youth.

It is very important to teach people how to recycle, explain to them why it is important and help them do it.

  • You can organize a recycling tour around your neighbourhood to clean it up and then take the garbage to recycling centers.
  • Another way to run an event like this is to recycle things people bring. Let them pay for each item they give you a small amount.
  • Involve some people who could teach people how to recycle and set up an educational corner. Let people pay a small participation fee and learn how to recycle. It can be quite interesting for children, for example. Their parents will gladly pay for their participation.
  • You can do recycling tours on a regular basis as well! Let people pay a certain amount once per month/season/year to let you and your supporters investigate the neighbourhood to make sure it’s clean and there’s no garbage left.

#4. Pass the envelope

This is a super easy and quick fundraiser activity for small groups. It is not as classic as a box for donations as it gives people a choice not only whether they want to donate or not but also how much. Put multiple envelopes at the entrance to your community or organization center or even hang them to be more visible. Number each envelope with an amount that should be put inside (5, 10, 20, 100 dollars, etc.). Now each one who wants to come in will be able to contribute to your budget and make a donation he wants and can make.

#5. Virtual marathon

Each list of fundraiser ideas for small groups includes this classic way to attract donors. Virtual marathons are also easier to organize as participants can join them from each corner of the world just by clicking a relevant link.

To understand how efficient they are you should know that the first virtual fundraising telethon (yes, it was via telephone those times) happened in 1949! This format has already proven its effectiveness so you should definitely use it to raise some money. Here comes the plan for running a virtual marathon:

  1. Choose an interesting topic. It can be related to your organization’s niche of the activity or just be relevant to the people you are trying to attract: healthy lifestyle, mental health, environmental changes, cooking at home with your children, first steps for entrepreneurs, and so on.
  2. Find a few experts to run different activities and make a program. The best working format is to stream every day or every couple of days for a couple of hours at the same time. Make sure that time you choose is suitable for your audience. You can run a poll on your platform or social media page to figure out what time is the best (as well as what topic people are most interested in, by the way).
  3. Organize a technical support team. You will need at least a few organizers who will help people connect, participate and solve their technical issues during the marathon.
  4. Find relevant sponsors to give you some prizes for participants or donate to your organization. It’s a great chance for them to promote their goods and services to the audience attracted to your virtual marathon.

Of course, there are many more different events you can organize and run to raise some funds, including street food festivals, movie or music marathons, quests, and many more. Here we covered the most efficient and variable ones to give you something not only to start with but to start efficiently. Stay tuned to learn about other fundraising options to help you keep on making a difference!

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