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Social Media for Nonprofits: 6 Essential Tips for Success

Social Media For Non-Profits: 6 Essential Tips For Success

Social Media has already become an integral part of life for so many people. Most use at least one Social Media platform on a regular basis, having turned it into the main communication tool for both personal and business needs.

Businesses and nonprofits know that social media is also a powerful, informative, and promotional channel that yields great returns when used properly.

Mass Media has already started using Social Media to talk to their audiences as one of their main platforms. So what’s so special about Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other social networks? How can you benefit from having a profile of your nonprofit there? and are there any rules to follow or tips that could help you? Let’s take a bit closer look.

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The key advantages of Social Media for nonprofits

Most nonprofits realize how powerful and efficient promotion through social media is., and also cost-effective! Social Media tends to be one of the most affordable marketing channels, and sometimes all you need to reach one of your goals and objectives are accurate and timely created content.

4 easy ways for your nonprofit to be successful with social media

There are 4 basic objectives that social media can help you reach, and you should set them right away, as well as KPIs for them. Then adapt all your content, attach in-media tools, and track performance to get the best result

1. Concentrate on raising awareness.

You should share your mission and messages – let people learn about them, so they will want to join you in the battle for a better future.

2. Let people form a community

The power of communities should not be underestimated. You can attract the attention of donors and volunteers, recruit workers, and get advocates for your organization – just create a group or a channel for them to stay in touch, share their ideas, results, and thoughts, and inform each other about your common progress.

3. Action time

A call to action is not just a marketing element – it is a basic stimulation your audience needs to start doing something. Encourage people to speak out, stand for their rights and ideas, share them with others, and so on.

4. Show the difference

What you do matters and Social Media is the best way to spread the word about your activities, projects, achievements, difficulties, and challenges. Use the power of social media to prove that your NPO really makes a difference.


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6 tricks to stimulate your social media performance

Trick #1 – Register wisely

Do not get lost in the ways you can set up your profile on different social media. You will get different options when registering directly as a nonprofit organization. There are also different programs available for nonprofits, such as Facebook Fundraising, Payments, and Charitable Giving Tools. YouTube also has a Nonprofits Program, while TikTok runs a TikTok for Good extended features.

Trick #2 – Button up

Have you added a donation button to your profile? And what if people want to donate and find no button? Nobody likes long paths and processes when they have to put much effort to find an option for something. So let people donate easily.

Trick #3 – Educate yourself

There are loads of training and workshops directed at nonprofits and their teams. For example, you can complete a Meta Blueprint Training online to learn the peculiarities of the promotion of nonprofit organizations or join YouTube Creator Academy to enroll in one of the courses to promote your organization efficiently. Hootsuite, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn – there are options to study and get very useful information everywhere.

Trick #4 – Use a content plan

A content calendar is a necessary basic plan for publications. You can create a separate one for each Social Media you use and then combine those plans into a master calendar to know exactly what, when, and where posts should be published.

Be sure to include collaborations and promo events, media and texts, hashtags, and locations. Do it online and use handy tools to plan your publications, track their performance and analyze general efficacy.

Trick #5 – Let people share

Your content is what talks about you, what you do, and why you do it. Make sure that all your publications can be easily shared by your followers or those who have just discovered you and became interested to learn more about you or were inspired by something you do.

In order for people to want to share your content, it should be informative, stand out visually, motivate, feature strong visual elements, and be of different formats (separate photos, galleries, videos, illustrations, etc.).

Trick #6 – Be a storyteller

Tell the stories of your volunteers and workers, stories of your donors, and those people who benefit from your activities. How and why they joined you, what they feel when joining your activities or receiving help from you, and what inspires, scares, and motivates them to move.

You will be right if you suppose that social media nowadays is one of the most efficient ways to form and control public opinion, simply because they can help you approach an almost unlimited audience. And then you can talk through it directly, using multiple advertising options, both free and paid. Use the power of social media to make a difference!


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