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The 7 Most Effective Non-Profit Web Design Trends For 2022

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As a non-profit, you need to maximize your exposure and maximize your website. Non-profits can’t afford to have a website that’s not performing well. One way to do this is by increasing the performance of your nonprofit’s website.

As the world of web design advances, it becomes more important to follow trends. Mentioned below, 7 of the web design trends you must consider for your nonprofit website as we head in to 2022.

1. A homepage with embedded videos

One of the most popular trends today is using a video on the homepage of the website. You can consider embedding an attractive video that gives a quick insight into your nonprofit’s operation, purpose, or ongoing projects. It helps to make your organization more credible. The videos included on the homepage should outline your nonprofit’s vision to the audience before they scroll down.

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2. Stick to a modern, minimalistic design

Having a modern and minimalistic design on your website will be an engaging approach. This kind of design will be easy on the eyes of the visitor. It will be easier to read the information and navigate the website more conveniently. Flashy animations, annoying banners, multicolor text effects, etc. should not be included on your website. These types of effects can disturb the smooth user experience your visitors usually expect.

3. Use “Dark Mode” and “Low Light” UX

Over the past couple of years, Dark Mode and Low Light user interfaces have become very popular. It is believed that this design trend will remain popular for at least two more years. Both of those design trends let users view the content even under low light. Dark mode is easier on the eyes, even if you look at it for a longer period.

4. Non-traditional scrolling options

There are many websites that come up with different scrolling techniques. Those techniques allow viewers to enjoy a different user experience. Typical scrolling is vertical. However, some websites offer a horizontal scrolling experience and that’s a pleasant difference for users. The effect remains simple, intuitive, and functional. The main intent is to catch the attention of the user. When this sort of navigation is coupled with high-quality photographs, your nonprofit can easily stand ahead of the competition. Be careful though, there are some accessibility concerns with horizontal scrolling, so be sure to do thorough testing.

5. Use of gradients

The use of gradients is, once again, becoming popular. Although many websites still prefer solid colors for the sake of simplicity, gradient colors can deliver a unique and pleasant appearance without disrupting simplicity. That is why gradients are often used by modern-day designers when they create front ends of websites. Consider adding those beautiful gradient combinations to your non-profit’s website and give it a refined appearance.

6. Color branding

Another impressive trend is color branding. There are many companies that already use this trend to stand ahead of the competition. As per such a design, the colors will change based on the navigation and the interactions performed by the user. You can associate this design trend to your nonprofit’s website and brand each segment of it.

7. Large Titles

Using larger-than-usual titles on your website is a good way to immediately grab the attention of the visitors. This nonprofit web design trend will include titles in large and bold text. The messages are shortened as much as possible, so visitors can read them quickly. This goes perfectly with the minimalism found in the majority of high-design websites.

These are some of the hottest web design elements to make your nonprofit shine. If your website looks dated, you could learn a thing or two from the list above.

You don’t have to worry about looking out-of-date! We’ve got some trendy web design elements that can be incorporated into your nonprofit’s website, and we’re here to help. We can help you with your nonprofit’s online presence. Contact us to book a free consult today, and we’ll show you how we can put together a website that reflects your organization’s personality. 

8. Single Page Design

Due to various factors that the year 2022 has brought into the life of both business and non-profit organizations, many have faced limitations in their resources. If you somehow hesitate about designing & developing a website for your NPO or your existing one is too large to be updated well with little budget, then you can start by designing a squeeze page, for example, for your crowdfunding campaign or project report. Simple design, engaging content, featured interactive elements – we will take this trend to 2023 definitely!



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