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Top Non-Profit Consulting Firms in Canada

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Non-profit organizations look for businesses specializing in non-profits wherever they can.

Each organization knows what kind of help they want and need, and ensures it aligns with the consultants’ niche and goals. Non-profit consulting firms can change the whole non-profit business in search of the perfect business model.


  1. Canada’s Top Consulting Firms in the Non-Profit Industry
  2. Top Non-Profit Consulting Firms by Specialty
  3. FAQ
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Canada’s Top Consulting Firms in the Non-Profit Industry

There are plenty of non-profit consulting teams that are ready to offer their help so organizations can help others. But, of course, as in any other niche, there are top non-profit consulting firms that have more experience, cases, and awareness than others. Let’s dive in and check the best ones in Canada.

1. Accenture

Accenture is one of the leading non-profit business consulting organizations providing management consulting, outsourcing, and technology services. It has offices in 200+ cities in 56 countries and has 290,000+ workers.

2. Bain & Company

Bain & Company is also one of the most highly-respected non-profit consulting firms in the world. The company has consulted others for more than 40 years in different niches.

3. Alvarez & Marsal

Alvarez & Marsal is famous for consulting companies, governments, and investors around the globe. More than 5,000 people help teams with management, advisory, business performance, etc.

4. Deloitte

Deloitte is a non-profit consulting team that provides tax, audit, and financial consulting for many top-notch companies across the globe.

5. Boston Consulting Group

The Boston Consulting Group is one of the worldwide management non-profit consulting firms that also help with business strategy. They believe in partnership rather than in following strict rules, so many notice their friendly side.

Top Non-Profit Consulting Firms by Specialty

And to make it easier if you look for a non-profit business consulting organization by specialty, we have a list that can help pick one.

  1. Marts & Lundy helps with talent development. This team has been consulting non-profit organizations for more than 100 years, which is why many look to work with them. Marts & Lundy collaborate with their clients, which results in better results. Among all possible services, this non-profit business consulting firm focuses on talent development and coaching sessions.
  2. Aly Sterling Philanthropy is focused on supporting organizations that create capital campaigns. This non-profit business consulting firm offers fundraising solutions, strategy development, strategic planning, optimization support, and management.
  3. RealHR Solutions is one of the top non-profit consulting firms in the niche of human resources. They have a huge range of services, among which you can find HR audits and assessments, workplace investigations, surveys, diversity support, recruitment strategy, staff management, coaching, organization strategy, and development, etc.
  4. Getting Attention is a non-profit team working with Google grants acquisition and management. Their services include the creation and optimization of ad campaigns, non-profit marketing services, and data hygiene.
  5. Brian Lacy & Associates takes care of organizations’ marketing. They work with many topics that cover the marketing niche — direct mail, phone calls, phone messaging, unique merchandise development, e-magazine design, newsletters, and more.


There are general questions that will help you understand non-profit consulting a bit deeper. Let’s break them down.

What Is a Non-Profit Consulting Firm?

A non-profit consulting organization provides expert services to non-profit organizations. Such firms can have years and years of experience; that’s why many look up to their advice, as they understand how the non-profit organization market works and are ready to share their knowledge to upgrade non-profit businesses. The most interesting thing that defines a good non-profit consulting team is that they offer a long-term strategy rather than a fast solution.

Why Should I Hire a Non-Profit Consulting Firm?

The non-profit consulting firms can help you with fundraising strategy, technology strategy, solution implementation, research support, marketing strategy, HR support, etc. Consultants can help you whenever you want; they learn about your business, dive to the depths of your business, and spot issues to solve them together.

How Do I Find a Non-Profit Consultant?

When picking a non-profit consulting team, you should keep in mind that there are several steps that help you find the best team that fits your organization’s goal perfectly.

  1. Check in with your needs. Understand why you need help and why you want someone to walk in your shoes.
  2. Discuss your plans with the management. Before hiring a consultant, you need to be sure that everyone feels the urge to hire one and that you all have specific issues to solve.
  3. Look for the best non-profit consulting firms. This is important as you can find the best ones in your niche and your location who understands the needs of your company.
  4. Work on your request proposal (RFP), where you place your goals, expectations, guidelines, and information about your business.
  5. Review the candidates with the help of the scoring system you want to have. It will help you pick the best one for your organization.

These tips will help you find the best non-profit consultant for your organization who knows the niche and market and has experience in your field.

How Much Do Non-Profit Consultants Charge?

The price for the service of non-profit consulting firms may vary greatly as a different organization has different goals, questions, factors, etc. It also depends on the amount of work you want your consultant to perform and for how long.

The complexity of the project also influences the price. We can say that niche can also influence the price, as non-profit IT consulting might cost more than HR consulting, etc. To find out the specific price, you have to contact specific non-profit business consulting firms, describe your request and ask for a price.

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