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What do your visitors expect from your non-profit website?

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If you’re a non-profit or charity, maintaining a strong online presence is now mandatory. It’s necessary to build and run a professional website for your organization in order to build credibility.

To ensure your website is effective and helps you achieve your mission and goals, it should have what your visitors expect. Below are some of the most important things your visitors expect from your website.

Contact information

A website that doesn’t have any contact information, or hard to find contact details is most likely to be abandoned by visitors.

When it comes to a non-profit, in particular, including contact information is critical in order to build credibility. You should include that information in a clear and straightforward manner, under the “Contact Us” section. It should include a physical address, email address, contact number, and social media links.

It’s also a best practice to include the details in your website footer so that it can be found on all pages of your website.

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A blog

Having high quality and fresh content is very important when it comes to digital marketing.

Having a blog alongside your website is a very handy, smart way to create relevant and timely content related to your non-profit or charity. You can use the blog to showcase your expertise in the relevant niche, share your knowledge, explain your charity work, your intentions, the changes you intend to bring to society, and so on.

Website visitors will consider your blog as a sign of credibility and your expertise as well.

Be sure that you list your blog under the main domain for the purpose of SEO so that it will help to attract more visitors to your website.

About Us

A website without an “About Us” page looks incomplete, even at a glance.

For a non-profit, in particular, this section is exceptionally important. It displays what your organization does, its mission, goals, information about the staff, the physical location, milestones achieved, and any other important information.

In fact, sharing your story is one of the best ways to build credibility and establish your name.

To add more visual appeal, you can add images and videos to the same section. Also, it is smart to keep everything short and straightforward.

Social media icons

Visitors want to see what they like on social media. So, the visitors who come to your non-profit’s website may want the same. Your website should include links to your social media pages.

As a result, prospective individuals may follow your non-profit.

You can link your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube accounts, for instance.

Also, make sure that you update all those accounts with fresh content on a regular basis.

Testimonials and social proof

This is another useful element to include in your non-profit’s website.

You can have a separate page for the testimonials of your past and present benefactors.

Those testimonials will speak loudly about your relationships with your audiences and your achievements, as well as add to your organization’s credibility in the community. The prospective benefactors who read the testimonials will be encouraged and convinced to help to achieve your mission.

Live Chat

There are many visitors who want to clarify information immediately.

Instead of waiting for days to receive emails, they would prefer a live chat option.

Such a feature can be particularly handy for a non-profit. If you cannot employ someone to handle the live chat feature around the clock, you can consider a chatbot. At Wow Digital, we create chatbots for our clients – if you’re interested, please reach out.


Your non-profit website is one of the most important tools you have. It needs to be well-designed and easy to use, so that people can get the information they need quickly and easily. Reducing the barriers to service is important for an organization that’s trying to do good. High credibility and transparency are key factors that will help you achieve your goals. The main intention for including all of the above features in your non-profit’s website is to establish credibility and transparency.

How does your website stack up? Let us know in the comments below.

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