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Impactful Fundraising Event Pages: What you need to know

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An awesome landing page will definitely contribute to the success of your nonprofit event. So, it is compulsory to pay huge attention to the design and the functionality of the landing page if you want to achieve the desired goals.

With that said, if you are looking for a guide to make your nonprofit event’s landing page a successful one, you may follow the tips mentioned in our article.

In order to sell tickets or seats for your nonprofit’s events, your website should play a major role. Attendees can find all they need to know about the event on your event landing page, which serves as the core point for all of your marketing efforts.

5 steps to make your fundraising event landing page successful

>What are the requirements for a landing page? In what part of your website’s existing structure should it go? Is there anything you can do with it once the event is done?

We’ve put up a list of the best event landing pages for you to use.

It’s important for an event website to have various components that encourage visitors to interact, such as registering for the event, purchasing tickets, or becoming a sponsor, similar to usual best practices for designing landing pages.

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1. Make it comprehensive and straightforward

Make sure the website has all the information needed by an individual to decide whether they want to purchase an event right away.

As a rule, instead of making a big deal about anything or attempting to be overly specific, just say what you’re going to say.

2. Don’t disturb text with graphics

It’s a waste of time and effort to include important event information in just a picture or graphic. Don’t just put a JPG image of your invitation on the page!! People utilizing assistive technology or even search engines will have a difficult time reading this image on smaller displays.

Make sure that your photos don’t overshadow your prose by replacing it with them.

3. Use a very strong and persuasive call to action

Keep in mind that your landing page is just the first step in the process, not the goal.

The more work you put into bringing them there, the more important it is to provide them with an immediate and apparent next step. Is there a specific schedule that can be downloaded? If not, is there an email list that can be subscribed to for updates on the event? Take those points into consideration.

4. Simplified next steps

Make it simple for visitors to follow through on that call to action by providing a clear path for them to take. The length of an online form should be kept to a minimum. It would be ideal if all transactions were completed on your website rather than directing them elsewhere.

5. Perfect placement

Your event landing page will most likely be a part of your website’s built-in event management system, which has several advantages. Any other option would be to post the landing page in an area of your website that discusses additional events or methods that people may get involved in your cause.

As a general rule, it’s preferable for users to arrange related material together rather than to have a large number of orphaned pages.

Managing your fundraising event landing page

Every time you add a new event landing page (or any other page) to your nonprofit’s website, you should be strategic. The name and URL of the page, as well as what you plan to achieve with it after the event, are key considerations.

1. The name of the page and its URL

Creating a landing page for your organization’s annual event is a good idea since you may use it for years to come. The year should be omitted from the page name in order to keep it as simple as feasible. In contrast to /annual-gala-2022, for instance, a fundraising landing page URL ending in /annual-gala may be reused repeatedly for future events. For advertising items that don’t look great with long URLs, you may want to use a URL shortener service.

2. Perfect timing is important to publish the page

Your fundraising event landing page can go online at any time. There is no hard and fast rule. Aim to have a draft available at least a week before you want to begin marketing the event to the public. Before incorporating the link in materials, including printed collateral, make sure it’s live and operating properly at least one day in advance.

3. Updating the page after the event

Keep your finger off the delete key. Immediately after the event is completed, post a “Thank You” note and a review of its success on the landing page. If your event is an annual one, you can leave this post-event update up until the next year. Once you’ve determined the venue and date for next year, post it here so that folks may mark their calendars.

If visitors can’t make it to a one-time event, try including a call to action urging them to help out in another manner.

Ideal Content for the event

Consider the following sorts of material while putting up your event landing page’s content. That will bring more effectiveness to your fundraising event landing page. A physical address or a key deadline might be overlooked by many firms.

  1. The name of the event
  2. The date & time of the vent
  3. Venue (exact location address along with the map)
  4. A short description of the event
  5. A mission overview along with a description of the organization
  6. Contact information
  7. The schedule of the event
  8. Special features of the event
  9. The biographies of the guests
  10. Some testimonials from your past attendees
  11. Some testimonials of beneficiaries
  12. Links to blog posts that are relevant to your event
  13. Photos and videos of past events
  14. Registration information
  15. RSVP & deadlines for registrations
  16. Remaining number of tickets
  17. Names of the sponsors
  18. FAQ about the event
  19. Policies including photo consent and refunds

If you consider the above aspects seriously, you will get your fundraising event landing page to meet your expectations. In a nutshell, it is all about maintaining the balance between simplicity, preciseness, and a convincing layout.

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